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scottsand-db commented Jun 22, 2022

Feature request


Currently, the DELETE operation returns an empty result. It would be more useful if it returned the number of deleted rows.


The number of deleted rows is an obvious metric that users would want from a delete operation.

Further details

Currently, DeleteCommand.scala is explicitly returning an empty DataFrame [here](https://g

enhancement good first issue

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oaustegard commented Jun 18, 2022

On the homepage at, viewed in Chrome on iOS iPhone 12, when tapping either of the Example’s plus or minus buttons repeatedly, if your tap speed hits the double-tap threshold the screen zooms unexpectedly to the width of the current number and the button you pressed. On zoom in the two increment/decrement presses are counted, then the zoom happens, on zoom out the zoom out h

bug good first issue
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MongoDB is an open source NoSQL document-oriented database.
30 Minutes to Merge: Accelerate shipping with GitHub Projects

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30 Minutes to Merge: Accelerate shipping with GitHub Projects

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idesigncode commented Nov 24, 2021

Describe the bug
In Firefox, the zoom feature uses transform styles (see storybookjs/storybook#12845) - unfortunately this breaks positioning on elements that require position: fixed when in the "Docs" view.

Normally a position: fixed element's position would correspond to the viewport but in Firefox it corresponds to the element with the transform style.


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sandrosc commented Jun 30, 2022

Describe the Bug

A repeater with two input fields generates an OpenAPI spec that indicates the return value is a list of strings:

  nullable: true
  type: array
    type: string

When actually it returns a list of objects:

  { title: 'a title', text: 'a text' },
  { title: 'another title', text: 'another text'}

The repeater:

API Bug Good First Issue

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This repository is my documenting repository for learning the world of DevOps. I started this journey on the 1st January 2022 and I plan to run to March 31st for a complete 90-day romp on spending an hour a day including weekends to get a foundational knowledge across a lot of different areas that make up DevOps.

  • Updated Jun 29, 2022
  • Shell

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keaton-codes-tech commented Aug 6, 2020

126. new Intl.NumberFormat is not supposed to get passed a single object as param. The first param must be a string and the second param can be an object.
135. Spelling error ('tis' should be 'this').

86. Needs to be more explicit by calling the function in the example. Calling getName() with any falsy value would not set hasName to true with your correct answer.

bug good first issue

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smeubank commented Jun 21, 2022

Describe the feature you'd like to request

Want to be able to create NextJs v12.x application, instrumented with sentry-javascript v7.x on Vercel. With all the new features of both respectively. Including new features and fixes, listed in both release notes respectively.

Describe the solution you'd like

The with-sentry example application should be default latest version of NextJs

good first issue area: examples
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Repography allows you to create graphical dashboards you can embed in your, and also to turn your project into a beautiful data visualization posters for your home or office.