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update Compilation Guide & add yasm checker
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luvletter2333 committed Feb 28, 2022
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@@ -87,18 +87,16 @@ Consider using a Linux VM or dual booting.**

0. Checkout all submodules
git submodule init
git submodule update
git submodule update --init --recursive

1. Install Android SDK and NDK (default location is $HOME/Android/SDK, otherwise you need to specify $ANDROID_HOME for it)

It is recommended to use [AndroidStudio]( to install.

2. Install golang ( 1.16 ).
2. Install golang and yasm
# debian sid
apt install -y golang-1.16
apt install -y golang-1.16 yasm

3. Install Rust and its stdlib for Android ABIs, and add environment variables for it.
@@ -115,10 +113,7 @@ rustup target install armv7-linux-androideabi aarch64-linux-android i686-linux-a

4. Build native dependencies: `./run init libs`
5. Build external libraries and native code:

`./run libs update`

5. Build external libraries and native code: `./run libs update`
6. Fill out `TELEGRAM_APP_ID` and `TELEGRAM_APP_HASH` in ``
7. Replace TMessagesProj/google-services.json if you want fcm to work.
8. Replace release.keystore with yours and fill out `ALIAS_NAME`, `KEYSTORE_PASS` and `ALIAS_PASS` in `` if you want a custom sign key.
@@ -2,6 +2,8 @@

source "bin/init/"

yasm --version || exit 1

cd TMessagesProj/jni || exit 1
git submodule update --init libvpx

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